Oh my gosh, how time flies….
Back in 2007 we gave up the employed rat race with the 40+ hours a week, 6+ weeks of paid holiday per year and a healthy salary for…
  • No guaranteed income
  • longer working hours
  • no paid holiday
  • and no clear and certain future
Because like many before us, the excitement of owning our own business, working together, having more time to do the things we wanted to do seemed just just the thing we wanted to do.
Reflecting back on our experience over the past 9 years as well as the experience of the hundreds of businesses we have worked with, we have put together our 9 tops tips for every business owner to consider whilst travelling along their own journey, working towards being significant and allowing success will follow.
  1. 9 top tipsPlan, Plan, Plan and Execute – Set realistic expectations and a plan on how to get there
  2. Celebrate the wins  – however small or big the win celebrate, whether that’s a team HIGH FIVE, or a bottle of Fizz, it matters not WHAT but that you DO
  3. Learn from the challenges – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  4. Focus on Marketing and getting Sales – without “Sales” you have no business
  5. 3 Key Drivers that are needed to exponentially increase profits
    • More Leads
    • Converting more leads into customers
    • Increase the number of times those customers buy or refer you
  6. 3 Choices in Business and Life – make sure you are making a conscious choice
    • Give Up
    • Give In
    • Give it all you’ve got
  7. Use technology  – There are many many free and paid for resources to increase sales, decrease costs, and improve communication – for example accounting, data management, virtual meetings, webinars, project management, email-marketing, social media marketing – upgrade your business processes.
  8. Time is your most precious resource…. use it wisely.
  9. Above all,  Love what you do and do it because you want too.


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