Day 2 – It’s all about our website

Our current website has served us well, but we have used this for the past 4 years and a lot of things have moved on since then. Before we came out to Lanzarotte we had already made the decision to launch a new website developed using a wordpress theme. So, last week I switched the existing domain name away from our existing site to point at our new one. The contents of the new one was primarily based upon the old contents so our challenge for today was to update the site to reflect our current business.

We have had a busy day, but very successful. We started by looking at the Home Page, with a complete overhaul to this very important landing page. We then worked our way through each of the other pages, both updating contents and structure to each page. All the updates were completed via the ipad, however there are some things that we weren’t able to do – so we are building a list of things to do when we get back.

To the left you can see our “Boardroom” which has all mod cons and free WiFi, which enables us to keep in touch. Isn’t Skype fantastic, we even managed to have a conference call this afternoon with Chris Ogle about Link4Growth!

This afternoon we did manage a couple of hours by the pool, which was actually 1 degree warmer than the air temperature – a very comfortable 28 degrees. As you can see it wasn’t exactly crowded and I was still sort of working as I was listening to a podcast – not whilst I was in the water – obviously!

I am hopping that tomorrow we will get a bit more time off as its my Birthday….

Bye for now

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