Day 4 – Business Development Workshops

Today our focus was about how to develop our Business Development workshops to become more marketable and reach a wider audience.

Our Business Development Workshops are a cornerstone service from Abundant Solutions and provide business owners with the opportunity to take an in-depth look at their business and develop a Business and Action plan which can really drive their business forward. Our challenge is that we want to find new ways of marketing this service as well as enabling access to this service to a wider audience.

Our approach in tackling this issue was broken down into 3 key tasks

  • Understanding what we have delivered so far to which clients
  • Consider what we what for the future
  • Develop a detailed plan to develop this service further

From this work we identified that whilst we call all this service our ‘Business Development Workshop” these actually vary considerably and focus upon different aspects of Business Development across at least a dozen or so different topics.

We have decided that the support we deliver in each of these areas should be accessible to business owners via 3 different methods depending upon their needs and their budget – Self Help, Assisted and Individual Workshops. We have now developed a clear plan of the contents, media and costings for each of these areas.

Regarding the workshops we have developed these into 4 different types of workshop:-

  1. Strategic Business Review
  2. Sales & Marketing Review
  3. Quarterly Business Review
  4. Staff Engagement Workshops

Finally, we have developed a plan to drive the above forward which will enable us to roll out these new services over the coming months. This will include talking to existing clients to get their feedback on this initiative as well as finding some volunteers to test our new contents – if you want to volunteer your business then get in touch. Sounds like we have got our work cut out for us? – certainly we have, but we have the clarity of what we need to do, when we need to achieve it and why we are doing it.

The Abundant Business Bootcamp Day 4 has been a fantastic day!

Later in the afternoon, we took a drive to El Golfo, Lanzarotte.

One of the principal attractions at El Golfo is the famous Green Lagoon – an unusual phenomenon in the cove, which is actually the crater of a volcano formed from the eruptions of 1730. The lagoon, which fills the base of this semicircular crater, is the result of flooding, where sea water has become trapped in the form of a lake which has turned a striking acidic green, due to the algae which lives there.

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