Day 5 – Social Media stuff and a new project

I Spent sometime first thing this morning getting to gripes with my iPad2 and adding some new aps.

One that I am quite excited to use is flipboard having now added google reader, twitter, linked in, and facebook this will make it easier for me to manage both my time and the need to keep in touch more than I do with the social media stuff from the iPad.

I am a bit of a technophobic who quickly gets bored if ‘things’ don’t happen quickly and as with all techie stuff it takes me time, trial and error to get it right and quite frankly I can’t be bothered so having persevered for an hour this morning is quite an achievement……..Well in my eyes anyway lol:-)

Anyway what else happened on day 5 of Abundant Solutions Bootcamp

Daryl wrote a blog, and I started a thread on the 4N forum with 13 comments and 170 views on the first day – I am happy with that especially as this was the first thread that I had started in anything other than group hugs! Thanks everyone for contributing……..

The rest of the working day was spent mapping out the backbone of a new project which we launch later this year, and all so much easier when working in surroundings like this

In the afternoon we enjoyed a long, lazy (hot) walk, a swim and soaking up the Lanzarotte sunshine – and contemplating how often each year this way of working could be realistically done……. It has been a great way to get loads done ‘on’ the business and had we have had a bit of chilling out time too – we will be back!

Paula x

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