The Abundant Success Method is a framework of 6 key areas helping you to understand the exact business tactics strategies you currently use, and identify where there are growth opportunities to maximise your sales and marketing. The 6 key areas are broken down into 3 phases:


The Attract phase will help you clarify who your best customers are. Enabling you to identify what they need, and understand how to connect with them.


The Sell phase helps you to create content that connects with your customers and guiding them through the buying process.


In the Maximise phase, you’ll learn how to anticipate your customers’ needs, go the extra mile and deliver more than promised.

The Abundant Success Method 6 Stage Framework
Attract Segment
Lead Attraction – Generate and Capture Leads

Use personas to target and capture leads from multiple sources, and automate follow-ups. Report on the volume and source of leads captured, as well as analyse the effectiveness of your different lead sources.

Prospect Education – General industry knowledge

Frequently demonstrate your industry knowledge and experience with your prospects. Target your messages based on engagement with the individual contact, and automate your communications and processes.

Lead Attraction
Prospect Education
Sell Segment
Opportunity Engagement – Specific product/service and company dialogue

Frequently share your product/service unique selling proposition, whilst demonstrating how it solves your customer’s problems. Provide company information and social proof/testimonials to support your sales message, as well as automating your sales pipeline/processes and reporting on the level of engagement with your content.

Close the Deal – Payment processes and support

Provide multiple online and offline ways to pay throughout the purchase process, whilst using automation to engage with contacts who have abandoned their payment mid-process or need support. Personalise your message and/or modify the payment process based on value or payment type. Monitor the cost and efficiency of delivery for payment methods and communications.

Opportunity Engagement
Close The Deal
Maximise Phase
Customer Loyalty – Welcome, retention, upsell and feedback

Regularly communicate with your customers with a specific emphasis on maintaining or increasing customer retention, upselling or repeat selling and getting feedback. Personalise your message based on value whilst reporting on your customer loyalty strategy by customer lifetime value, frequency of sales, time since last purchase, etc.

Advocate Creation – Enthusiastic supporter

Ask your customers and other contacts if they can recommend you to their contacts. Personalise your message and offers/incentives based on value or interest. Use automation to send regular communications to your advocates or use an advanced system to organise and capture your referral leads.

Customer Loyalty
Advocate Creation