What Is Infusionsoft?

What is Infusionsoft?

Whether you’re a business with an e-commerce site or a retail store, regardless of your industry, the fastest way to discover what Infusionsoft can do for your business is to watch a quick product demonstration video.


If you’re still asking, ‘What is Infusionsoft and how can it help my business?’, scroll down to find out more about Infusionsoft’s automated all-in-one sales and marketing software.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Centralise all customer interactions and daily activities in one place.

Email Marketing

Capture new leads, automate follow-ups and convert them into customers.

Lead Scoring

Identify the hottest leads to help your sales team close sales faster.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Sell more online and collect payments through one centralised system.

Sales and Marketing in One Place

Align your sales and marketing goals, save time and improve productivity.

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