With the harvest safely gathered in, and the Harvest Festival celebrations having taken place my thoughts turn to thinking about how we sow the seeds of our business.

In the parable of the farmer comparison is made to where the seeds fall and the likelihood of them growing to strong plants to be harvested and in turn how this resembles ones faith, but this blog is not about God and faith but of using the same analogy to look at how we plan and focus on our business.

So stay with me, if the seeds are the ideas and actions of planning the success of our business are we looking at where they are falling?

In your own basket of ideas each one is a potential life line of growth for your business but how many seeds falls on the path? Scattered in an area where there is no hope of nurture and growth, no forethought as if this is the right place or even time to market your business.

Then there are the ideas that are shallow they may grow quickly but without substance no long term commitment given to the depth of the idea, no follow up, no plan just lanky ideas that wither and die.

In the parable some seeds fall on a place with too many weeds that stop the growth of the plant and the plants die. 

Are you competing with the same tools in a crowded market place with no new ideas to stand out from the competition so that soon you are overtaken and wither back letting those stronger ones raise above you. 

But what about where the ground is good, the idea stands out, the foundations are strong.  You have clear actions which you review and refine regularly in essence you water it tend it until it bears fruit. 

Are your business seeds scattered in too many directions, look at where these ideas are falling, is the message right for the ground it is falling on.  Have you planned the success of your business and having planted the seeds are you continuing to nurture and prune until it bears fruit?

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