Marketing For Accountants

Highly Effective Marketing For Accountants

You’re already an expert in Accounting, now you can be an expert and support your clients in their Work Flow, Sales and Marketing Automation.

Using Infusionsoft – Abundant Solutions will help you and your clients Get Organised, Save Time and grow Sales by harnessing the powerful automation tools via highly personalised service to you, your team, prospects and customers.

How can you Get Organised, Save Time and Grow Sales?
Abundant Solutions and Infusionsoft work together to integrate powerful automation into your business. Here are some of the areas that automation can help you Get Organised, Save Time and Grow Sales.

  • Target: Being highly focused on your target market is like a magnet attracting in new leads.

  • Attract Interest: Use your existing and new marketing material more effectively by delivering this directing to your target market automatically day or night, when they want to receive it.


  • Collect Leads: Automatically follow up with personalised communications – your leads will never sit there waiting for something to happen again.  From snapping a business card with your phone or your leads filling in a webform you can start building the rapport immediately.

  • Educate: Lead your customers on a journey engaging with them and educating them on what you do, how you do it and what sets you apart.

  • Offer: Be clear on your services and describe your your prospects what makes your Accountancy practice stand out from the competition. Do this in a timely manor, automatically and consistently for your prospects.


  • Close: Don’t like handling sales and ‘closing the deal’?. Create an environment where you are making it easy for your prospects to buy your services because they want to buy.

  • Deliver and Wow: Welcoming new customers effectively and consistently can be a time consuming task. Automation of these tasks so that your new customers always feel welcome and informed of what happens next. Automate the reminder processes for all the key dates and tasks and automatically follow-up if your client or staff have not actioned the request.


  • Offer More: Ensure that your Clients really understand the full breadth of services you offer. If you are completing Company Accounts, ensure that your customers are aware of the great work and other services that you offer in your consultancy services as well. Provide them with real insights into what work you have done and show difference this had to their business. Continue to communicate to them throughout the year, increasing their awareness and interest in the how you can help them.


  • Get Referrals: Many great Accountants have clients who have been with them for many years. Encouraging your clients to spread the word about your excellent service encouraging them recommend your business to their clients and friends.   

” It has allowed us to scale our business model for the average operator to have the ability to run an Iron Tribe Fitness location, preserving our sales and marketing workflow to a degree that consistently brings in leads. All of our marketing flows through the web and ultimately through our Infusionsoft database, which is divided strategically between each of our locations via contact assignments set in the user permissions “

Jim Cavale & Forrest Walden
Iron Tribe Fitness

All the above delivered through the power of automation, so you can do what you are good at and Infusionsoft will help you to get Organised, Save Time and Grow Sales.

If you’re in the financial sector and need marketing for accountants, get in touch with us to chat about your options.

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