Marketing For the Fitness Industry

Highly Effective Marketing For Personal Trainers

We have ample experience with developing sales strategies and marketing for personal trainers. We’ve found that the following elements work well in this industry:

  • Attract: Interest through great content, word of mouth and social media
  • Create an experience that connect prospects and guides them towards solutions
  • Develop a great customer experience and provide added value that delights

” It has allowed us to scale our business model for the average operator to have the ability to run an Iron Tribe Fitness location, preserving our sales and marketing workflow to a degree that consistently brings in leads. All of our marketing flows through the web and ultimately through our Infusionsoft database, which is divided strategically between each of our locations via contact assignments set in the user permissions “

Jim Cavale & Forrest Walden
Iron Tribe Fitness

If you’re in the health and fitness sector and need marketing for personal trainers, get in touch with us to chat about your options.

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