Occasionally you will import a CSV file into Infusionsoft and you get an error code. Frustrating as this is, an easy was to fix this problem is as follows:

If you are getting an UTF8 error whist importing the CSV file.

Saving contact information through a Google Sheet provides an alternative solution.

1. Open your Excel file, select all data and copy (CTRL-C).
2. Open Google Sheets and paste your data into a new Sheet (CTRL-V).
3. Save your Google Sheet as a CSV file (top left corner in Sheets: File > Download As > Comma-separated values (.csv , current sheet)
4. Navigate to Infusionsoft and import the CSV file you just saved from Google Sheets through the import tool.
*Be sure to not open the newly saved CSV file in Excel after saving.

Follow this and you’ll be able to upload the list without any issues.

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