The Last week has been somewhat full on, but hardly surprising as having spent the previous week working ‘on’ Abundant Solutions there have been a number of things which needed to be continued with, so Daryl spent time last week continuing to work on our new website – as it could not all be done from the iPad. whilst we were away.

Alongside this we have had 3 client meetings, where focus was specifically on reviewing previous quarters actions and for setting actions and priorities for the next 90 days action plan.

link4GrowthThe Link4Growth boardrooms continue to gain momentum and we had 2 meetings and a number of telephone calls regarding the roll out of new Boardrooms.
On Thursday we had the 4th Link4Growth Watford Boardroom and the topics discussed gave all participants real benefit and tangible actions.

We attended 4 x 4Networking breakfast meetings between us and have been talking about Link4Growth and our 1 on 1 Business Development Workshops.

We ran a Regional Leadership Team meeting with the Area Leaders on the Monday evening, where we spent some time continuing to build on the collectively supporting team spirit, and developing new leadership skills.
Later in the week I also caught up with 3 of the AL’s to further support and develop them.

There are exciting times ahead with another joint venture in the Abundant mix, and we spent a few hours working on the content and method of delivery of a new service.

All in all last week was busy but very full filling and this week is just as exciting – but more about this week, next week!


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